Who Are We

S.E.E.D_dao is a cross-disciplinary collective of web3 artists conceiving artistic practices as well as an exhibition experience that brings together immersive environments and the development of a curatorial axis of works in NFT and IRL.

S.E.E.D. Philosophy

S.E.E.D: Experimental Singularity In Daydream. Conceived as a DAO and an empowering entity for multi-format interdisciplinary experiences, disseminating sapiential and artistic and exhibition practices, bringing together immersive environments in conjunction with the development of a curatorial axis of works in NFT and IRL. S.E.E.D proposes the transition through the unknown and unexplored territories of reality and beyond, encouraging narrative techniques, fabulation, and post-cinema. Evokes perspectives and unidentifiable affirmations, with decentralized bodies and senses, favoring the creation of imagetic hyperlinks manifested in earthly, cross, and interdimensional planes, along with the movement of unknown and local hemispheres, expanding from micro to macro. S.E.E.D seeks to encompass tentacular and nonspecific experiences, while also discussing limits, collective spaces, and forms of language.

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